Window Enlargements/Cut Outs


Turn your basement into a bright, livable space with egress windows!

Did you know? You can add a bright, beautiful window to any basement! Enlarge an existing window or put in a brand new one. Let there be light!

Top 5 reasons to add an egress window:

  1. Increases value of your home
  2. Creates safe, code-abiding bedroom space in your basement
  3. Brings natural light and ventilation in to your lower level
  4. Ensures that your house meets building codes for habitable space
  5. Saves money: Creating livable space in your basement is much less expensive than other remodeling projects

Add any room to your basement, safely and legally.

Without a window that can be used as an emergency exit, all building codes prohibit using a lower-level room as a bedroom. At least one window in each bedroom must be of sufficient size to permit the occupants to escape a fire and also to allow a fully outfitted firefighter to enter.

Innerweld can make it easy to expand your living area safely and legally-and enhance your square footage. According to a recent study, the addition of an extra bedroom in the lower level can increase your home's value up to $10,000!

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