Cook County Basement Window Well Covers

Cook County, Illinois is the second most populous county in the U.S.. Through-out the growth of the county and expansion of homes, one theme remains fairly constant among the over 5 million residents; basement window well covers are often overlooked. Whether it's renovations or new construction, window well covers aren't given the credit deserved. They provide both safety and security for the home.

Basement window well covers protect the home from dirt, debris, snow and rain from collecting in the basement and damaging the foundation, destroying stored personal property, or trapping loved ones in an emergency. Additionally, window well covers can provide safety with locking covers, prevention of access from outside, preventing injury to children and giving an escape path in the case of an emergency.

Innerweld provides two window well covers: 2 in 1 Well Cover

  • Patented steel well cover with topper
  • Promotes ventilation (top is removable)
  • High security locking system
  • Armor powder grey finish
  • clear plastic top allows in light
  • Supports up to 2000 lbs.

GE Lexan Model

  • Virtually indestructible (can withstand impact from a sledgehammer)
  • Prevents access to the basement
  • Locks from inside to prevent access (optional)
  • Material is UL listed as burglar resistant
  • Prevents injury to children
  • Life-time guarantee
  • Support up to 800 lbs.

Another benefit of basement window well covers is the increase in property value. Making the home aesthetically pleasing while being safe and secure can enhance the overall market value of the home in some instances.

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