Dupage County Area Wells



More often than naught, area wells and window wells are an afterthought during home renovations and / or maintenance. That is, until a big winter storm floods a basement, damages the property or blocks an emergency exit.

When it comes time to replace your basement area wells or install new ones for the first time; quality, security, functionality and aesthetics are all part of choosing the right product. At Innerweld Cover Company, this is all taken into consideration when we manufacture and install our basement window wells. For more than 30 years, Innerweld's expertise has made them the leaders in Dupage County.

Innerweld always stays at the cutting edge of window technology. Home owners will be amazed at the recent advancments in basement / egress window wells. Wells are easier to use, more aesthetically pleasing and offer more security than ever before. Area wells, manufactured and installed (in most cases) at such a great price, its no wonder Innerweld is the leader in Dupage County and the surrounding areas.

Our Dupage County area well experts can help add a modern touch an existing area well or assist with installing a new area well. Both increasing property value. All our area wells, windows, window well ladders and accessories are custom fit.

Please contact us today at (847) 497-3009, or click here, to find out more information about our area wells and discover for yourself why we have been the largest suppliers of basement area wells, window wells and accessories in Dupage County for the last three decades.