Innerweld is proud to be your DuPage County leader in basement well covers.

The “Green Movement” sometimes seems so focused on cars and light bulbs that many seem to overlook things from the ground up. Energy efficient windows are important for every room of the home and the basement is no exception. It is important to realize that a below-grade window, i.e. a window below the surface of the ground around the house, is just as susceptible to heat loss as any other window in the home. Usually these below-grade basement windows will have some sort of retaining structure or window well that holds the earth back away from the window in that part of the foundation.

Every Dupage County homeowner in Illinois can tell you the drawbacks to having basement window wells to maintain. It doesn’t matter if you live in Naperville, Wheaton, or Downers Grove, the same complaints can be heard. They range from having snow blown into them, to the heavy rains splashing leaves and dirt down into the window wells and against the windows. Sometimes the maintenance isn’t so bad with a short Hopper Window style, but if you have an emergency egress style window, they are generally a large enough size for an adult to fit through which means a larger window well and a major maintenance task.

All of this maintenance can simply be avoided with window well covers from Innerweld Cover Company. With a window well cover, the snow can’t fill up the well, the rainwater will be diverted, and most of all, you’ll be cleaning less windows to your home. By adding this second layer of protection against the elements, not only do you protect the basement window, but you’ll improve the energy efficiency as well!

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