Kendall County Egress Well Covers

The Innerweld Cover Company specializes in the egress well covers for Kendall County as well as Kane, Racine, DuPage, and Cook Counties. With over 30+ years of experience through-out the Mid-West, they are the leaders of customizing, manufacturing and installing window wells, window well covers and more.

Innerweld provides 2 main types of covers for your window well:

  • GE Lexan Model
    • Made with GE Lexan Material (virtually shatterproof!!!)
    • Prevent access to basement
    • Prevent injury to children
    • Keeps out rain / snow
    • Life-time Guarantee
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  • Two-in-One Model
    • Patented Steel cover with topper
    • Promotes ventilation
    • Keeps out rain / snow
    • Clear plastic topper allows light in
    • Supports up to 2000lbs of weight (for snow, rain, dirt or children's safety)
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Innerweld can custom fit (in most cases) an egress well cover to an existing location or install a new one. With living space moving to the basement, it is vital that there be an available exit should a fire/flood/emergency occur. It doesn't have to look 'ugly' either. Innerweld can dress up that window well with beautiful scenic murals inside or landscaping outside.

To speak with an egress well cover expert, contact Innerweld at 847-497-3009 or click here to fill out our simple form.