Lake County Basement Well Covers

Safety, security, aesthetics and usability are all important features of the basement well covers we manufacture here in Lake County.

If only the best basement well covers will do, Inner Weld in Lake County has your solution. Our expertise in basement well covers has made us the leading manufacturer of basement window well covers in the US.

As you may know, uncovered basement well covers are not only dangerous, they are messy. Children may fall in,  debris can build up, snow is allowed to build up and cause water damage, the list of reasons why goes on and on.

One of the main reasons people did not use a basement window well cover is that they tend to block out light, making an already low light area feel like a dungeon. This is a thing of the past. With new clear Lexan basement window well cover technology from GE  you can now have all the safety, security, aesthetics and usability without sacrificing all the free and natural light.

Our basement window well cover service in Lake County will create a custom cover that will provide you with the safety and security you need. With custom installations available, we can install a window well cover on just about any window.

Our window well services include: window well cover, replacement basement windows, window well installation, window well scene, well scenes, window well ladders, window well grates and more.

Make your home safer with our basement window well cover installation service in Lake County.

Please contact us today at (847) 497-3009 to find out more information about our basement window well covers and discover for yourself why we have been the largest suppliers of window well covers in the US for the last three decades.