Lake County Metal Window Well Covers

Innerweld has been serving Lake County home owners and contractors for over 30 years by providing the highest quality metal window well covers and grates at extremely affordable pricing. Located right next door, in Johnsburg, we are the Midwest's largest manufacturer and distributor of window well covers and grates, which means you can always find the perfect style or size cover you need, plus all the great window well accessories and supplies, and keep everything locally sourced.

Innerweld offers two distinctively different styles of metal window well covers, the GE Lexan model and the 2-in-1 Well Cover. The Lexan well cover is made from superior grade Lexan plastic with metal framework, and supports up to 800 lbs of weight. There is a lifetime guarantee on this cover; you really aren't going to break it. The 2-in-1 Well Cover features our patented two part well cover and topper, with a grated finish to allow air flow and sunlight. PA tight seal makes it proof against the elements, and the high security locking system makes it proof against burglars. As stout as it gets, the 2-in-1 window well cover supports 2,000 lbs of pressure.

No matter what your Lake County window well or area well needs, Innerweld has the cutting edge products you need at the most affordable prices possible. We provide wholesale product sales as well as local installations. If you'd like us to perform a free quote on a window well for your home, please click here, or give us a call at 847-497-3009 to speak with one of our knowledgeable window well professionals.