South Wisconsin Area Wells

Innerweld has been providing the highest quality area wells to our South Wisconsin customers for over 30 years. We've developed a reputation for providing the most affordable and professional window well installation and refurbishment solutions, from replacement basement windows to emergency egress ladders to keep your family safe. Basement wells just make too much sense to ignore. They protect your basement from flooding during storm season, allow more light in to make the basement area more functional, and are as secure as a locked door. They not only improve the overall aesthetics of your home's exterior, but increase its value as well.

Our South Wisconsin area wells services includes:

  • Area Well Installation
  • Ladder and other Emergency Egress
  • Area Well Grates and Covers
  • Area Well Murals and Scenic Art
  • Basement Window Replacement


From Kenosha to Platteville, from Beloit to Appleton, South Wisconsin is Innerweld territory. We have a long track record of satisfying our area well customers in virtually every County in South Wisconsin, from Racine in the East to Grant County on the Iowa side. If you see a home in your neighborhood with beautiful area wells, ask them who handled the was probably Innerweld. We are the largest manufacturer and distributor of area well grates and accessories in the Midwest, and that strength and expanded capability means that we can handle any situation and create a custom window well solution to fit your home, your lifestyle and your budget. If you have any questions on our area well services, or would like to get a quote for your home, please click here to contact us, or call 847-497-3009 for immediate assistance from a member of our knowledgeable and courteous customer service team.