Window Wells

For homes with basements, window wells are a necessity. While they provide a means of escape during an emergency, they can also transform the room into a playroom, study, and/or guest bedroom by allowing natural light to enter a usually dark and dank area of the house. Innerweld Cover Company has been manufacturing and installing window wells in the Midwest for over 30 years.

But don't think that the view from these window wells have to look ugly. Innerweld can also provide a well scene bringing a beauty and enjoyment to that previously drafty basement. These scenes are easy to install and are both sun and water resistant. They require no tools and can be custom fit to your existing window wells. There is a variety to choose from and they come with a 1 year warranty. Innerweld serves the Midwest, but will ship these wall scenes anywhere in the U.S..

Window wells add curb appeal and can increase property value not only by looking great, but by adding a sense of security to the home. But the home also needs safety, and an open window well can be dangerous. Innerweld Cover Company provides multiple options for covers from steel to new clear Lexan from GE. These covers allow your home to keep the natural light coming in while keeping out snow, rain and debris. Depending on the style, these covers can support 800 - 2000lbs. Both styles come with security locking systems and promote ventilation to protect against mold or mildew.

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